Rest from Stress

Stress Management Education

Learn what stress is, what it isn’t, and how to manage it for life.

About Me

My Mission is to Empower Your Life

My Mission is to Empower Your Life

Transform your life and achieve your goals with professional and personalized support.

What Does Rest from Stress Do?

Rest from Stress works to raise awareness around the facts of stress through its app, Stress Management and Resilience Training (SMaRT) Coaching, and training programs- virtual and onsite. Every service is designed to educate people on what stress is, what it isn’t, and how to manage it for life. The results are lasting behavior changes that bring more joy and peace to every persons’ lives.

Our Mission

Teach the world how to manage stress and find joy.

About the Founder

Jen’s interest and passion for psychology and stress management began very early. During her elementary age she started a peer-to-peer support group for students having difficult days. In middle and high school, Jen participated in several other local, state, and national student support groups.

She turned her passion into a career by receiving her B.A in Educational Psychology and Public Health Administration as well as a double Masters in Education in Special Ed and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education. As a teacher, corporate trainer, business consultant, and company owner, Jen incorporated Stress Management and Resilience Training (SMaRT) into all aspects of her job.

After 30+ years of educating people about stress management, Jen began to compile her content and extensive knowledge into an app format. During the long pandemic, she created Rest from Stress with the mantra to be a catalyst for change and the mindset of taking people from BS excuses to “HOLY $HIT!” moments.

Rest from Stress works internationally, partnering with organizations to bring the most effective stress management programming to their members so they each can experience more joy in the world.